Propelling businesses like none other.

We strongly believe in empowering the Canadian market, and that's why we have some of the most competitive and comprehensive business plans available as one of the leading Voip Service Providers.

Small Business Calling

Not every business is the same, and we understand that. Smaller businesses shouldn’t get stuck with corporate pricing. That’s why we offer them as separate plans, because fairness is important.

Corporate Calling

Corporations often get hundreds of calls a day, and so, Voicalls thought we should accommodate for all those potential customers. That’s why the corporate plan features unlimited calling but more.

Business Internet

More and more companies are taking their business online, and we’re here to get your’s up there as well. With our wicked fast and competitive pricing, you can’t go wrong with Voicalls Internet for Businesses.

Calling Elsewhere?

Take a look at our competitive calling rates, and get chatting with friends, family, and clients all around the world!