Keep your business safe for whenever.

It’s just as important to keep things backed up as it is to keep them safe from harm in the first place. That’s why Voicalls introducing VoiOnline Backup Manager, a fantastic way to keep your enterprise backed up for whenever you may need it in the future.


VoiOnline Backup Manager ($1/GB, minimum 15GB)
Backup your entire enterprise and anything in it. Windows, Linux, Mac, Exchange, MySQL, Virtual Servers, Oracle and Domino.
  • Certified Guidance – We’re engineers, developers, cloud architects and innovators helping businesses large and small develop cost effective data recovery strategies.
  • End to End Encryption – All data is compressed and encrypted prior to transmitting over secure SSL. An enigma wrapped in a riddle.
  • Onsite Backup Included – Get up and running 90% faster with local copy. Endlessly dumping data into the cloud isn’t a strategy and unlimited anything is simply a sales tactic. Onsite + Offsite backup that is fully encrypted and only transmitted over secure SSL.
  • Everything you need to be prepared.
    • HIPAA Compliant
    • Automatic Backups
    • 256-bit Encryption
    • Redundant Storage
    • Unlimited Servers
    • Exchange/SQL Included
    • US-based Support
    • 32 Languages Supported