Toronto Homes and Businesses Save Over $538 Per Year On Their Phone Bills After Switching Over to VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is undoubtedly the future of telecommunication, allowing users to enjoy the loaded communication benefits of making and receiving voice calls at a fraction of the cost that was once associated with voice calls.

With Voicalls’ range of Residential and Business VoIP solutions readily available, the future of telecommunications is here, as more and more homes and businesses of various sizes are enjoying the associated VoIP benefits of cheaper voice calls and more professional, efficient telecommunications systems. With nothing more than a high speed internet connection (most clients already have this) and a hosted PBX, Toronto residents, businesses and organizations can add a fair bit of organization to their telecommunications infrastructure, with a range of customizations available, such as Virtual Receptionists, i.e. “Thank you for calling XYZ company, for Customer Service press 1, for Sales press….”

With the growing deployment and adoption of VoIP, Toronto is increasingly becoming interconnected, efficient and overhead cost-savvy, while enjoying an enhanced experience of telecommunications technology previously in use. Familiar tasks such as dialing 911 are still as easy as before, while voicemail access is as easy as dialing a pre-defined combination of not more than 3-keys on the Voicalls device.

While the direct benefits of the deployment of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) are linked to better communication efficiency internally and externally, the real power behind a Hosted PBX resides in the versatility and scalability of the VoIP network. Moving locations would never be a problem as the migration of the VoIP infrastructure is as easy as unplugging the phone devices and then plugging them back into the network router at the new location.

As small businesses and their associated telecommunications needs grow and evolve, the hosted PBX network can also be easily expanded, without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades to be installed.

As a telecommunications solution, VoIP works out to be much cheaper than the deployment of outside lines, provided by a traditional telecom service provider, simply because the associated costs are mainly centered on the data costs associated with regular internet usage, while the functionality enjoys the upper-hand of being based on the sophisticated nature of data-based internet networks. Functions such as call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, internal and external voice calls, abbreviated dialing (direct extension dialing), call holding (with or without music) and voice-to-email forwarding are now much more affordable and more reliable, as a result of a more robust data-based network.

Because voice communication still forms an integral part of everyday residential life and is also at the core of business in Toronto and throughout Canada, a migration into the far more efficient digital space is highly recommended. The scalability and flexibility offered through the deployment of VoIP solutions such as a hosted PBX are such that all the benefits of traditional telecoms systems previously only available to the largest corporations are now available to the public at large, at a fraction of what they would otherwise traditionally cost.

As a result of VoIP, Canada’s many homes, businesses and companies can not only take advantage of a more efficient digital voice communication space, they also get to save over $538 per year by simply switching to VoIP.